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The Process

The first question after you have reached a decision

to try to purchase a house is "how do I get a

Home Inspection?".

My philosophy on the Home Inspection process is simple. 

I will make the "process" as simple and anxiety free

as possible...  the way I would like to be treated if it

were me buying the house.

In that effort...  to schedule an inspection:

Simply call me( 856-467-5867 ), I will answer a few questions,

ask a few questions, we will (you and me) schedule a date

and time to meet at the property, you can bring whomever

you wish, and we will spend a few hours looking at, and talking

about the house, inside and out.


From this website, the Contact Form, send me a message,

I will either email you or call you back...  and away we will go.


You can EMail me, my personal email address is 


At the site:

First things first, we will talk over the "Inspection Agreement",

I will have sent you a copy by Express Mail, which is the formal

agreement, the "who, where, when, and how" of the inspection

process, a legal contract.


we will start from the outside, walking around the house, observe

the specific details of the exterior of the structure, including the

roof, however there will not be any "we" on the roof, just me,

I will describe to you, from the roof the observations I make.

We will move into the house, room by room inspecting, testing,

observing, talking over what we see.

We will, likewise, inspect the attic, basement or crawlspace,

and garage.

(The specifics of what will be inspected by me are detailed in the "What I Inspect" section of this website.)

The inspection process will take several hours, you may bring

whomever you wish with you, I recommend having your husband,

wife, partner, agent, someone accompany you, it helps with the

questions and explainations.

When we are done with the inspection, I will verbally summarize

our observations and payment for the inspection will be accepted.

I will, within 24 - 30 hours, forward a copy of the "Inspection

Summary" to you so that you can get together with your attorney

and/or your real estate professional to take the next step in your

purchase of the property.

Within 36-48 hours, I will forward the complete Home Inspection

Report, which will include all documentation relative to our

Inspection Agreement and the Home Inspection Report, a detailed

report of every observation and/or recommendation made during

the actual on-site inspection.

Then...   you buy the house, move in, BE HAPPY, and call me the

             next time you are going to buy a house.