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Cost / Fee

Special Notice...

      The following Fee Schedule has been recently

     revised in an effort to work cooperatively with

     local real estate professionals, to continue to

     provide the highest quality service for everyone

     shopping for the best property at the best price.

                                     S. M. Jones / DSQHI

          Offering - Home Inspection / Fees

Home Inspection:         Property Listing Price:              Cost/Fee:

Single Family Dwelling          Less Than $275,000.00            $379.00

Single Family Dwelling    Between $275,000-$350,000.00       $399.00

Single Family Dwelling    Between $350,000-$425,000.00       $429.00

Single Family Dwelling    Between $425,000-$500,000.00       $599.00

Single Family Dwelling    Greater Than $500,000.00 -Site Specific

Multi-Family Property                                                 -Site Specific

        ********  Discount Available ********

First Time Home Buyer, Military Duty Personnel and Senior.

 (Example: Fee $369.00, minus 1st Time Buyer Discount = $349.00)

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