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The intent is to help further the good done by Home Inspectors, and by that assist those buyers and sellers of residential real estate. Questions abound, of every kind and reason, when those questions are posted we will make every honest effort to respond with factual information. Keep in mind, however, that there are a magnificent variety of views on this subject, some come from bad experiences, but most all simply from "real" experiences, from buyers, sellers, and some times from Home Inspectors.

* Current Conditions:

From recent inspections what I see is that Sellers are struggling
to manage their property sales... in this way. Several issues
confront sellers in the current market that directly impact
the property, specifically the home structure and systems.
Whether directly due to foreclosure, or from severe financial
stresses on the sellers, the homes I've seen recently are in
less than average physical condition, most in poor to worse
condition. Obviously, this has a real impact on the sale of the
property, for both the seller, having to accept less than
anticipated listing/selling price, and for the buyer, having
to assume many conditions that will require remedy to provide
sound and secure living environment.

Now... before I suffer the wrath of the many hard working
professionals involved in real estate sales, the brokers and
agents, the attorneys, the mortgage and settlement
professionals... I would say. Every home sale/purchase
should include and involve an established real estate sales
person, a knowledgeable attorney, a responsible
mortgage lender, and an established settlement agency.
In every locale there are choices for each of these, but first
and most important is to develope a relationship
with a real estate agent who is familiar with properties
in the area where you are interested. Real Estate Agents
are hard working, diligent, and foremost knowledgeable,
they have answers to questions you haven't even thought
of yet, a good agent is worth their weight in gold. Referal...
word of mouth... someone you know... would be the
first step in finding the right agent for you, and then
do your homework, check the internet.... find out
whatever public information that is available regarding
everyone involved in this team of people you will come
to rely on to protect your interest and help you with
your sale or purchase. Enough said.

Back to the ranch... I heard as a boy, and I still believe
that soap and water are cheap, and there's no excuse
for not getting cleaned up... the same applies to a home sale.
The real estate folks use a term... presentation, how does
the home appear to the buyer, curb appeal, etc...
those are references to esthetics, clutter, cosmetic issues.
Those issues are important, very important to first
impressions, etc. From the Home Inspector's point
of view, however, the cosmetic issues are almost
irrelevant. We are looking for those things that are
related to the "story of the house", structural,
mechanical, electrical, plumbing, systems issues.
Now, that said, I should point out that most issues
noted in an inspection report are the kinds of things
that any homeowner will experience or deal with
in their life, in a home... maintenance issues.
And so... just like the soap and water point,
this point is that frequently a little time and a little
expense to "fix-up" the typical maintenance issues
prior to marketing the home will do much to ease
the financial and emotional impact of selling, and
in that way buying a home.

So... like all good parents say, in my case now a
grand-parent also, "cleanliness is next to Godliness",
and "doing your homework pays off".

and of course...

Never buy a home without a home inspection !

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